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Angela, Vet. Nurse - Patient Services DirectorAngela, Vet. Nurse - Patient Services Director

Angela is a NC native – she grew up in Union Grove.  She’s the great organizer and supervisor of all the veterinary technicians here at AHS.  From schedules to ordering supplies and pharmaceuticals, Angela does it all.  She’s also a great veterinary nurse with great compassion for animals.  Angela just always knows what to do.  She’s been with AHS since 1996 and her position as a Veterinary Nurse transitioned into Veterinary Nurse Supervisor in 2004.  Her Medical Office Assistant degree from Mitchell Community College has helped her excel in her job at AHS.  Angela lives in Statesville and has 2 dogs, Scarlett and Chloe, and 3 cats, Twitch, Lizzie and Cecil.  She’s a generous friend to humans and animals alike, which makes for a perfect fit at AHS.  We affectionately call her Martha Stewart for her crafting abilities and attention to detail.  She loves to shop and be outdoors.  While we tease her about never having a hair out of place, she goes all-out in everything she does.  That includes vacationing in her favorite place of all, Charleston, SC. 

Diane, RVT

Diane, RVT

Diane wins the longevity award in our Veterinary Technician “department”.  She has worked as a Registered Veterinary Technician at AHS since 1986.  Originally from Ohio, she grew up in North Carolina.  After attending Taylorsville High School, she went on to graduate with honors from Central Carolina Technical College.  She holds an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Science.  Diane was a member of the Alpha Theta Tau Honor Society.  She’s renowned as our “Parasite Queen”, and is an excellent cytology “reader”.   Diane has a daughter, Jessica.  Diane claims she has “too many” pets – 3 dogs (Image, Stella and Ripley) 4 house cats (Oreo, Jr., Simba, Hope and Pandora) and 2 horses (Chief and Ginger).  It’s hard to keep Diane focused on beautiful days, as she is daydreaming about riding her horse on the land surrounding her home in the Hiddenite area.  She spends lots of time outdoors helping with her family farm, walking with her dogs and enjoying the sunshine.  An accomplished vocalist, Diane still enjoys her weekly voice lessons and directs her church choir.  She loves Broadway musicals and anything Disney.  Cross stitching and reading take up what little spare time she has.  Diane came to AHS for her college externship and claims “they kept me!”  She says she knows it sounds like a pat answer to why she works here at AHS, but she does “what (she) does for the love of animals”!


Lydia, RVT

A North Carolina native, Lydia was born and raised in Hickory.  She attended Gaston College and graduated with an Associate in Applied Science of Veterinary Medical Technology degree.  Lydia did her internship with us while she was in college.  We liked her so much, we invited her to come back as a Registered Veterinary Technician on a more permanent basis, and she accepted!  Lydia is sometimes a little quieter than the rest of us, but she has her rowdy times, as well.  She’s always ready to help, and calm, cool and collected!  Lydia enjoys traveling and vacations.  She’s a great baker, and has brought many “goodies” in for us to taste test – they never last very long!  She has a nice voice when she sings around the clinic, and she knows the words to all the songs!  Family and friends are important to her.  Her spoiled pets are dogs Molly and Rambler, and her cat, Kyodi. 

Kyle, Veterinary Nurse

Kyle, Veterinary Nurse

Kyle was born in Dallas, TX, but grew up in Upper St. Clair, PA where she graduated from high school.  She attended college at Maryville College in Maryville, TN, majoring in Sign Language Interpreting, but later transferred to the University of Tennessee, where she majored in Deaf Education.  Kyle has 2 sons, Mark and Dan, and 3 stepsons, Jodie, Derek and Shane.  She is married to Roger and they live very happily in the countryside near Albemarle, NC.  Kyle and Roger have lots of cats – too many to name (but they all HAVE names!).  She is teased about being the Crazy Cat Lady at work.  Her inside cats are Marlin, Purrkins, Fiona,  Mouse, Pixie, Flash and Willow.  Her white German Shepherd, Cailin, goes just about everywhere she goes, including fishing, camping and photographing.  Kyle enjoys photography, and, with business partner Melissa, started their own photography company, Bear Creek Photography NC, where they lead photo workshops, teach, and do all kinds of photography.  Kyle is on the TEAM for annual Grandfather Mountain camera events.  She loves to play the piano, quilt, kayak, knit and hike, as well.  Kyle ran AHS’s Northside office from 1996 until 2001 when that office was closed and she came to the main hospital to work as a Veterinary Nurse.  She has since added the duties of Social Media Director and Photographer – duties she also enjoys!  Kyle loves AHS – She says the people she works with are great – they have become like family to her.  She feels the practice works really hard to provide the best of care to the pets AND clients we serve.  Always a dog lover, Kyle has more recently become an avid cat fan (out of necessity), as well.  She says she can’t imagine her life without some kind of dog or cat in it.

Jessica, RVTJessica, RVT

Jesse was born in Hickory, NC, but has also lived in Charleston, SC and Northern Virginia before coming back to the Carolinas and moving to Claremont. She lives in Statesville. She has 3 Australian Cattle Dogs (Sadie, Smoke & Blue), a Shepherd/Border Collie mix named Gus, a cat named Zena and a horse named - Blue.   That’s right, she ran out of pet names, so she has a dog and a horse named Blue. An outdoor girl, Jesse loves horseback riding. She loves to read, hike, camp and hang out with her dogs outside.  Jesse started as a Kennel Technician in 2007 and was also an intern during her college years at Gaston College. After earning her Associate in Applied Science, Jesse continued in full-time employment here as a RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician). Jesse is known for saying what’s on her mind and what sometimes comes out is hilarious! She has a great sense of humor and is a hard worker!

Melissa, RVTMelissa, RVT

Melissa is a local, through and through!  She was born and raised in Harmony, NC.  She and her husband, John, now live in Statesville, and have 2 cats (named Dejavu and Sheldon) as well as 2 dogs, Jackson and Keelie.  Melissa started at AHS in 2005 as a Technician Assistant.  She, too, left to attend Gaston Technical College, and returned to work here as a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2008, after graduation.  Melissa enjoys reading, doing puzzles, quilting, dancing and watching movies.  She loves to sing (at work AND at home) and knows all the words to just about every song.  She also plays the piano.  Melissa’s mom raised Lhasa Apso puppies, but Melissa didn’t decide to become an RVT until working at Pet Pros in the local mall.  After that experience, she knew that working with animals was what she was meant to do.  Special Fact:  Melissa LOVES comedian Jeff Dunham, and can do great imitations of his characters….

Dena, Veterinary Nurse
Dena, Veterinary Nurse

Dena was born and raised in Punta Gorda, FL.  She graduated from Charlotte High School and attended Edison College, where she earned her Associate of Arts in Psychology.  She came to work at AHS in 2009 as a Veterinary Nurse after having prior experience in the field in Florida.  Dena has 3 dogs (Tohopka, Astlyr and Honovie – affectionately nicknamed “Beast”), 2 cats (Frankie & J.J.) and 3 horses – Sam, Shadow and Shaker.  Another one of our horse lovers here at AHS, she loves to spend time trail riding with her horses.  She also loves to hike.  Hot weather suits her, and she’s outdoors a lot, especially in the summer when a lot of us stay inside with the A/C!  Dena is an excellent dog handler, and her specialty is Rottweilers!  She likes working at AHS, feeling that she’s helping to make a difference in animals’ lives.  A fix-it kind of girl, Dena will tackle anything that doesn’t work and get it going again!  She’s proved invaluable in that department, and it earned her the gift of a pink tool belt (even though pink isn’t really her color!) She can figure out just about anything mechanical!  She also has a penchant for pranks, which she performs on a regular basis…..

Paige, Veterinary Nurse

Paige is a North Carolina native, born in Winston-Salem.  She grew up in Mount Airy, NC and graduated from North Surry High School.  Paige is a recent graduate of the Gaston College Veterinary Technology program.  As an intern at AHS, we realized she’d be a great asset to our technician team, and she was hired in 2014, shortly after finishing the Gaston College program.  Page has 3 horses and 1 dog.  She’s a barrel racer, and enjoys any outdoor sport.  Friends and family are very important to her, and spending time with them is a priority.  Paige brings a laid-back personality and a great work ethic to the team at AHS, and we’re happy to have her as part of our work “family”.  Little-known-fact:  She can talk really fast like the disclaimers at the end of radio ads!  REALLY fast!


Lauren, RVT

Lauren, RVT

Lauren is a local girl – a Troutman native, who attended South Iredell High School.  She is a Registered Veterinary Technician, having graduated with her Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Veterinary Technology.  She is another college intern who we recruited to be part of our team after her graduation in 2012.  Lauren says she loves it at AHS.  She says she has always loved taking care of animals.  “Getting to take care of each and every animal and THEIR caregivers….There could not BE a better job!”  Lauren exudes enthusiasm and energy.  She’ll do anything for anyone.  While she loves animals, she definitely is also very much a people person.  There are many clients (and staff members) willing to adopt her, if her parents don’t want her anymore (which is highly unlikely).  Lauren’s “child” is her Golden Retriever, Mattie Lou, who is spoiled rotten!  Lauren’s nickname here is “Squirrel” for her ability to change thought processes rapidly, if you know what we mean!

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