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Helpful Pet Owner Links

PetLink Microchip

Microchip your pet so they can always fine their way home to you, if they are ever lost or stolen.
What is PetLink? - Microchipping is the only unique, unalterable, tamper-proof, permanent form of identification that owners can provide for pets. Once microchipped, owners are encouraged to register their pets so that their contact information is on record in the event that their pet is ever lost or stolen. A microchip, together with PetLink - give your pet a silent voice and give owners peace of mind that your beloved pet will always find its way home.

Canine Assistants is an inspiring nonprofit organization for enhancing the human/animal bond by training and providing service dogs to improve the lives of children and adults who have physical disabilities, seizure condition and other special needs.


ReHome Your Pets

ReHome Your Pets and Rescues

A site that is designed to help you responsibly rehome your pet or a homeless pet you have rescued. People have to rehome pets for lots of reasons.  The hard economic times we now face have forced many families to make the difficult decision to rehome their pet.  Maybe a family member has developed allergies to the pet, or perhaps relocation is preventing you from taking your pet with you.  For Good Samaritans, the increasing homeless pet population has made rehoming a pet in need all too common, and having found a homeless pet, you may be wondering how to find it a loving forever home. We are here to help you rehome your pet responsibly.  We know that whatever the reason, it can be very painful to say goodbye to a pet. This is why you want to do everything you can to place your pet in the best home possible.  No one knows your pet better than you do, and when the time comes for you to say goodbye, you will know that you did the best for your pet.


Forever Home K9 Rescue


Forever Home Canine Rescue is a non-profit, all-volunteer, all-donation supported rescue for unwanted and homeless dogs. Small breed dogs are our specialty, but we do on occasion rescue other sizes of dogs. We do not have a shelter, and operate solely out of a network of foster homes. Their mission is to find loving "forever" homes for the deserving dogs in their care, and to provide education regarding responsible pet ownership.
Email them at

 Piedmont Animal Rescue

Piedmont Animal Rescue

Piedmont Animal Rescue exists to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rehome as many lost and unwanted pets in the piedmont of North Carolina. We need your help!  Rescue organizations operate with the support of the community.  It takes money, food, supplies, and adopters to operate a succesful rescue.  Would you consider supporting Piedmont Animal Rescue?  Please contact us for more information and we will be happy to discuss all of the donation options with you. Email them at

NC Department of Health and Human Services

Have questions about the NC Rabies Laws for domestic pets?
The NC Department of Health has all the answers you need.  
REMEMBER:  A rabies vaccine booster is needed within 5 days after a possible exposure to rabies, even if your pet is FULLY vaccinated.|

Recommended Dog Trainers

Dog Logic - Dog Training

Dog Logic - Canine Education

Above all else, we believe training should be fun for you and your dog. You’ll probably laugh as much as you’ll learn with the entertaining, encouraging and insightful teaching style of the instructors at DogLogic.  We look at each dog and student as an individual and provide tailored training designed to fit each specific need. This allows students to progress much more quickly than they would in a class with more generic instruction.  We take great pride in helping students at all levels believe in themselves and their dogs. Because often the difference between dreaming great things and accomplishing them is having someone there who believes in you.


Ian Forbes - Dog Training In Your Home

Ian Forbes - Dog Training in your Home

Your dog will spend approximately 95% of its lifetime at home and surrounding neighborhood. For this reason, we feel the most logical place to train your dog is your home - it is where it is most comfortable and in many cases is the source of behavior problems. Our training is conducted at your convenience, in and around your home.  Obedience Training, Behavior Training and K-9 Good manners Training.


Highland Dog Training

Highland Dog Training

Highland Canine Training, LLC is one of the largest and most respected professional dog training companies in the Southeastern United States. Highland Canine Training, LLC is often recommended as the dog trainer of choice by veterinarians, shelters, rescue groups, pet retailers and other pet industry professionals. Our staff continuously strives to remain up to date on dog training techniques and methods in this ever changing industry by regularly attending training courses, seminars and conferences. Highland Canine Training, LLC strives to provide customer service oriented dog training and programs for our clients. This dedication to our clients and our reliable approach to training dogs and people make us a leader in the industry.

Guide To Pet Safe House Plants

Improvenet by craftjack

Click here to see which house plants are safe for your pets.

Traveling With Your Pet


AVMA - Traveling with your pets guide

There are numerous considerations you should take into account when planning to travel with your pets...

 •  What should I think about when deciding to travel with my pet?
 •  Whom should I contact as I am considering travel arrangements?
 •  What should I bring with me on my trip?
 •  Where do I get a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health certificate) and acclimation certificate, if needed?
 •  Can I bring my pet out of the country with me?
 •  Can I bring my pet camping?
 •  Forms of travel

Dog & Cat Food

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