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April 2017 Pets of the Month


Mango was a six-year- old intact male German Shepherd who presented to AHS last month for lethargy and lack of appetite. He had lost several pounds since his last visit and was running a high fever at 103.9. He had severe dermatitis and one testicle that was markedly enlarged. His blood worked showed a high white blood cell count, indicating infection, and he was also Lyme disease positive. His primary diagnosis was complicated by this fact, as a positive Lyme disease test may or may not be indicative of active disease. Because he was dehydrated and not eating, Mango was hospitalized and placed on IV fluids. He was started on treatment for Lyme disease. Unfortunately the treatment for Lyme is very specific and does not treat for the testicle issue that was still a concern. After 24 hours his temperature was still elevated and he still was not eating so we changed to an antibiotic more appropriate for testicle issues. Within twelve hours Mango was eating and feeling better as his temperature dropped. After several days of antibiotics, the testicle swelling was down about 20% and was less painful. Once we felt Mango was stable, he was neutered. The testicle proved to be full of pus and this infection was deemed to be his primary issue. The Lyme disease in this dog was a “red herring” in that while he was positive for the disease he was not sick with the disease. Once we were able to identify his main problem and treat it appropriately, Mango responded well. He was seen recently for a recheck and he had gained his weight back and is doing great. For these reasons, Mango is our canine Pet of the Month.


Little Kitty is a male kitty that presented very sick with a fever and a large 5-inch swelling on the left shoulder. Little Kitty looked as though he had lost weight and was very lethargic. The swelling was a large abscess, likely from a bite from another cat. Our concern was that Little Kitty may be developing sepsis. This is where the infection from the abscess overwhelms the body and travels throughout leading to eventual death. We needed to hydrate Little Kitty and open and flush the abscess pocket. Little Kitty did well throughout the sedation. Tremendous amounts of suppurative material or pus was flushed out and a plastic drain placed to allow continued drainage of fluid. The remaining tissue looked very unhealthy and had to be removed. Little Kitty was started on an antibiotic that is typically effective for cat bites. The next day, Little Kitty was eating and feeling great. His temperature was normal. Unfortunately, Little Kitty developed another abscess on the inside of one of his hind legs. There were not bites wounds there. This was definitely a concern, as it was likely that infection from the original abscess had been carried by the bloodstream to a new site. This site was opened and drained. Little Kitty still felt well so he was sent home on antibiotics. In addition, the owner was going to massage the infection sites and keep them clean. She was also cautioned to watch for more swellings and lack of appetite. The drain and sutures were removed at a later date and Little Kitty looked fantastic. He felt good, had gained weight and all his wounds were healed. Cat bite abscesses are common and usually easily treated. Little Kitty is an example of how a few can be complicated and life-threatening.

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