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May 2017 Pets of the Month


Kayla is a beautiful sweet husky that presented with a big “ugly” growth! The growth was in an unfortunate location and grew very, very fast! It was located on the leg near the elbow. It started small but quickly changed into a very large lump that started to ulcerate which made her want to lick at it. It was so large that surgical removal was not possible without removing the whole leg. We took a needle cytology sample to help determine what we were dealing with and decide if there were any other options. The needle cytology showed a type of cell common with a tumor called a Soft Tissue Sarcoma. This finding even further supported the need for amputation to fully remove the tumor since it is a cancer that always extends out bigger than it appears without the microscope. Owners knew that she could no longer live with the lump since it was ulcerated and bothering her, but they were also afraid to do a major amputation surgery on her since she was 13 years old. They were unsure how she would handle going to 3 legs given her age, size, and the fact that it was a front leg. In many cases where amputation is necessary, the pet becomes used to using 3 legs before the surgery because they are already limping or not able to use the leg. In her case, nothing else was wrong with the leg itself other than the large growing mass that was on it. They decided to take their chances with surgery and are happy with the outcome! The first few days, she tried to boycott even attempting to walk, but with some extra love, support, and coaxing, she was walking wonderfully again. She doesn’t even miss that extra leg! The biopsy came back to confirm the sarcoma but since the leg was removed, the margins were clean! While this does not 100% guarantee that her cancer is cured from the rest of her body, there are many cases where a sarcoma can be cured with good clean surgical margins. We are all hopeful that she stays cancer-free, but so very happy that she is doing so well and enjoying more life than she would have had without the surgery. For this reason, we are happy to have Kayla as our AHS canine Pet of the Month!


Millie is a young cat that presented to the Animal Hospital for severe constipation.  Millie had to have a leg removed a year prior at another hospital due to severe damage from getting caught in an animal trap outside.  Millie had done well after the amputation surgery but always had difficulty defecating.  A radiograph was taken.  To our surprise, it was evident that Millie had also had a severely fractured pelvis at that time.  The bone ends of the pelvis had healed up but had healed improperly and were occluding the pelvic canal.  This made a very tiny space for the colon and hence feces to exit.  It was extremely difficult for feces to pass out the pelvic canal to the rectum and constipation/obstipation was the result.  Millie was sedated and her colon evacuated with repeated warm water enemas. Millie would likely have to have an extremely involved surgery by an orthopedic surgeon (maybe multiple surgeries) to attempt to resolve the colonic obstruction the pelvis was providing.  The owner wanted to try medical therapy first.  Millie was placed on a highly digestible diet to result in less fecal production and large doses of stool softeners.  Millie is doing great.  The owner is diligent about her medication and Millie’s quality of life is excellent.  Millie’s persistence and happy outlook on life made her our choice for AHS’s feline Pet of the Month.

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