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COVID-19 Protocol



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Updated COVID-19 Protocol for Animal Hospital of Statesville

While Animal Hospital of Statesville has continued to be open during the State of North Carolina's "Stay at Home Proclamation", our state has now entered into the process of reopening. Animal Hospital of Statesville has been taking precautions to keep our staff healthy so we can remain open and care for the furry members of your family. Therefore, in order to continue to protect you and our staff, we have continued to alter our protocol as the COVID-19 situation changes. As such, these protocols may change from day to day. Now that we are reopening our hospital to all services, please be aware that wait times for appointment scheduling may be longer than usual due to the volume of sick and emergency situations, as well as the resumption of wellness services. We anticipate, as time passes, that things will "even out" again, and we'll be back to getting our wellness patients in for services in our usual, more timely fashion. We ask for your patience, understanding and kindness as we work through the pandemic challenges we are currently facing.

We are now open for all services, including wellness, sick, essential and elective surgeries (including spays and neuters), emergency care, boarding, grooming and daycare visits.

Changes in protocol:

  • We encourage all clients to place orders and pay for food, medications, etc., over the phone.  There are reserved spots in the front of our facility for you to park in.  Please call upon your arrival, and your items will be delivered to your car as soon as possible.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, please call us upon your arrival. If you would like to accompany your pet into the exam room, a staff member will meet you at your car to escort you and your pet into the hospital. If you choose to wait in your car, a staff member will retrieve your pet for you. Whether you plan to be in the exam room with your pet, or you prefer to stay in your car during the exam, we will take your pet to our treatment area for their examination and samples, etc. When the veterinarian has completed your pet's exam, your pet will be returned to the exam room, and the doctor will follow shortly after to report his/her findings and recommendations. If you have chosen to remain in your car, the veterinarian will then call you or meet you at your car to advise you of their recommendations.  
  • The wearing of masks by all staff and clients is required.
  • We are continuing to limit the number of clients permitted in the exam room with a pet to one person.
  • When you are in the hospital, please follow the social distancing recommendations of staying 6 feet away. We have taped lines on the floor in order to help remind you. We will continue to use our plexiglass barriers in the lobby and our exam rooms to protect both our staff and clients. We are doing our best to continue to protect everyone involved. 

The following measures will continue to be applicable until further notice:


  • If you have been exposed to the virus, or are showing even mild symptoms, we ask that someone else bring the pet in for you. If this is not an option, we will come to your car and retrieve the pet for you. Your pet will be taken via the most direct route to our Isolation Ward, where your pet will be examined and treated, in order to limit exposure to the rest of the hospital.
  • We will wear personal protective equipment if your pet has an emergency and needs to be seen.


  • We are checking temperatures of staff every morning as we report to work. We are disinfecting all surfaces touched and will wear a mask, if that makes you more comfortable. 
  • For your protection, we do NOT allow staff to report to work if they have a fever and/or signs of the virus, or if they have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19.
  • We will come out to your car to get your pet for admitting for the day so you don't have to come into the facility. In addition, a staff member will escort you into our locked facility for appointments. Please call us when you arrive. We ask that you pay over the phone, if at all possible, prior to your arrival to reduce possible exposure.
  • We will bring your pet's refilled medications or food to your car to limit exposure. Again, please call us when you arrive. We ask that you pay over the phone, if at all possible, prior to your arrival to reduce possible exposure. 

Our staff is doing all we can to continue to keep Animal Hospital of Statesville open in order to serve you, our clients and patients. With everyone's cooperation, we hope to keep our staff healthy and at work. We ask that you also do your part to help us continue providing the best possible care for your pet.



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