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COVID-19 Protocol


We’re happy to announce that Animal Hospital of Statesville has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions on our staff and clients! That means you and your family can enter the exam rooms with your pet as you did pre-COVID – you’re not restricted to just one person. Masks are optional. If you feel better with one, then fine. If you prefer not to wear one, that’s fine too. Our staff is required to wear masks at all times. Also, your pet’s examination will once again be taking place in the exam rooms! The plexiglass partitions on the exam tables have been removed. We will not be practicing social distancing but rest assured that our cleaning procedures will continue to be strictly adhered to, as always. We take pride in our clean, fresh-smelling facility. Feel free to come into the lobby to check in when you arrive for your pet’s appointment. Please be patient with our newer staff members as the adjust to our “old” way of operating – they joined us during COVID and have some changes to adapt to!

If you are still COVID-wary, we are happy to provide curbside examination services. Just call us when you arrive, and a technician or veterinary patient care team member will be out to get your pet’s history and escort him or her to the treatment area. Your doctor will perform your pet’s examination and either call you or come out to your car to discuss their findings and recommendations for your pet and answer any questions you might have.

We have also decided to continue our curbside pick-up services for the convenience of all our clients. Call in your medication or prescription food refill, pay over the phone, and when we receive your call that you’ve arrived at AHS, we’ll send one of our staff to take your order to you!

We’re happy to be back to normal, with just a few changes from our pre-COVID days! We hope the convenient changes (curbside pick-up) will help your day run a little smoother!

Thank you for bearing with us during this trying time for everyone! We appreciate your patronage and your loyalty to Animal Hospital of Statesville. We’re here to help you help your pet live a long, happy and healthy life!

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