Guest Services Assistant

Joe was born in Copiague, NY and grew up in Sayville, also in New York. He graduated from Sayville High School and proceeded on to UNC Charlotte to earn his degree in English with a minor in Japanese. So, now we are "covered" in 4 additional languages - Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and Sign Language. Joseph has 4 pets - 2 dogs and 2 cats. His employment history includes working at a boarding kennel, which he enjoyed. You can tell he loves to interact with our guests!  

On the side, Joseph is a gamer. He says he's super competitive at Smash Bros. Ultimate. Had to look that one up myself!  He says he's a Nintendo fanboy (he's definitely speaking a foreign language here - to me, anyway)!  One of his favorite things to do is to dissect movies and TV. I guess we know where to go for reviews, right?

Joe is a writer, and one of his main goals is to finally finish one of the 100 books he's writing. That's a lofty goal! We'll have to find out what his subject matter is and let you know. We may have a budding famous author on our hands!

More later, as we come to know our newest Guest Services Assistant better!  He definitely likes to spend time with our canine guests outside! He even shares his hat with them!