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All Spa/Grooming dogs must be current on vaccinations. Vaccinations required are Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella and, (as of March 1, 2019), the Canine Influenza (Bivalent) Vaccine. There are no bathing or grooming appointments available on Saturday or Sunday. Bathing is available, however, for dogs leaving the boarding facility over the weekend.

Deluxe Spa Treatment

Your pet’s spa day begins with a pedicure, followed by an ear cleaning performed by one of our technicians. Special attention is also paid to the anal gland area, to prepare for an all-over bubble bath. Your pet’s coat is treated to a color enhancing shampoo that leaves the coat shiny and fresh-scented. This pH-balanced shampoo effortlessly removes dirt and grime. If our technician sees that your pet has dry skin, our gently moisturizing aloe and oatmeal shampoo will be used to soothe his/her skin with vitamins A, D, E and relaxing chamomile. During the bubble bath, your pet will enjoy a relaxing massage. Technicians may also use an aloe and oatmeal conditioner that will soften your pet’s coat, giving it extra shine and softness.

After a through rinse, your pet is towel dried. If your pet tolerates our high-pressure blow dryer, it will be used to remove excess water in minutes and removes any extra, loose hair. All pets will be moved to a warm kennel after their bubble bath and are provided with lots of fluffy clean towels to aid the drying process.

A warm fan is placed at the kennel door – they will be dry in no time! Once your pet is completely dry, a Kennel Technician will take him/her/out for a potty break (for cats, litter pans are provided). Once potty break is over, the technician will provide a thorough brush out, removing any excess hair or mats. While our spa treatments will not prevent shedding, a spa day will certainly help lessen the effects of shedding in your home. A brightly colored bandana is artfully placed on your pet (dogs only!) and a pet-safe fragrance is lightly applied.


At Pet Quarters Resort and Spa, shavedowns for your pet are provided year-round. Shavedowns are performed with a #10 blade, which leaves the coat about ¼ inch long. This short cut is recommended for those pets with lots of mats, and those who need that fresh beginning to maintain healthy skin and coat. We typically leave the coat uncut on the pet’s head and tail, but can do more, or less, whatever your preference.


Trimming and Sanitary Cuts

Our Kennel Technicians can trim beards, skirts, leg feathers and feet, but please note that we are not professional breed-specific groomers! We also perform “sanitary” cuts – also called a trench cut.

Some pets need help keeping the area under their tails clean and free of debris. A trench cut does just that. A Kennel Technician can answer any questions you may have about any of our grooming services.

FEES VARY, ACCORDING TO REQUIRED TIME AND DIFFICULTY. The guest Services Technician can provide you with an estimate.

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