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Cat Daycare and Boarding

Our cat condos are located in a spacious, private and quiet room away from the hustle and bustle of the dog boarding area. There is a window in the cat boarding room so your cat can look out onto our landscaped area to birdwatch while they are boarding. Each condo has a single space which has an area for a litter box and a ledge so your cat can perch. We also furnish the cat boarding areas with comfy blankets. While cats cannot share one condo, there are connecting openings to enable feline siblings to hang out with each other. We feed regulated diets, or we will gladly use the food you provide. We are not able to board intact male cats! All pets’ vaccinations must be current to schedule a lodging appointment. If your cat is not an active patient of Animal Hospital of Statesville, we require your cat to be examined by one of our veterinarians prior to making a boarding reservation. This is for their benefit!!! 

Feline Lodging Fees:

All boarding and daycare fees subject to change without notice!

  • $26.50/night for Kitty Condo

Kitty Day Care

Kitty Day Care Single Day: $13.50

Kitty Day Care Plans:

  • 5-day Plan: $55.50
  • 10-day Plan $107.00
  • 20-day Plan $213.50

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