Regular professional cleaning is important to maintain your pet's teeth. It's a known fact that we can add 2 years to the life of the pet simply by keeping the mouth clean. Not only will your pet's breath smell better, but there will also be less chance of oral infection caused by a buildup of bacteria under the gums. This decreases the chance of kidney & heart disease caused by infections spreading throughout the body from the mouth.

Dental X-rays Are Critical

Digital dental radiology is an important tool in diagnosing and treating oral and dental disease. Without dental radiographs, dental problems (infections) can be missed. Dental radiographs help aid in diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and post-operative success.

Digital dental radiographs are used to view the dental tissues and supporting structures for the teeth. They are also used to identify problems with the crowns of the teeth, facial and jaw bones as well as the nasal cavity. They are useful for evaluating the crown and roots of teeth as well as the supporting bone and soft tissue.

High definition intraoral digital radiographs provide exceptionally clear pictures for better diagnosis and use approximately 90% less than the usual dosage of radiation. Additionally, intraoral digital radiographs require less time to produce quality films, thus decreasing the time that your pet is under anesthesia.

Pet Oral Surgery