K-Laser Therapy

The Animal Hospital of Statesville offers K-LASER therapy to help painful arthritis, chronic wounds, joint pain – even burns. It can reduce pain and help pets heal faster.

K-LASER therapy sessions are designed to pulse therapeutic wavelengths of light into damaged tissue at the cellular level increasing the transport of nutrients across the cell membrane, this new therapy is so comfortable for the pet that they need no restraint to be treated. K-LASER has proven to be pleasant and soothing to our patients, helping improve range of motion, increasing circulation and decreasing swelling and pain.

Therapy treatment schedules vary and are more frequent at the start. Sessions last between 2 and 8 minutes. Results are often seen within 12-24 hours of treatment.

We’re happy to offer K- LASER – a new way to heal. It's a non-surgical, medication-free option for our patients’ pain relief. Discuss K-LASER with our team to see if it is right for your pet.

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