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International Travel Information

International Travel and Health Certificates

Traveling to other countries with your pet requires prior planning! Some countries have strict regulations that can require a year, sometimes two, to accomplish. Others require a few weeks or months. Again – it is YOUR responsibility to do the research it takes to get everything your pet needs to travel. Do your research well ahead of your departure date, or you may need to delay your travel in order for your pet to accompany you. Every country will have different requirements, such as forms, vaccines, testing or parasite preventions to enter. Some countries require a USDA veterinarian’s signature on the health certificate form, which requires the OWNER to overnight the documents to and from the USDA before you are allowed to leave the US with your pet.

Contact the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plants Inspection Service to find out requirements for travel to a specific country. E-mail address: [email protected]. Customer Service Call Center: 1-844-820-2234. Another great resource for travel regulations and information is found at this link: AVMA

International travel will sometimes require a lengthy documentation process to enter a country with a pet. There are a few companies or individuals for hire that will do all of the “leg work” and who will also travel with your pet. These can make the preparation much easier for travelers. However, this comes with a hefty fee. If this route is chosen, always research the company/individual and ask for references and endorsements. This type of travel process usually is the case for families that are moving to a country that requires a longer entry process, like Japan, which can take up to 2 years to complete the testing and entry documentation.

We cannot say it enough!!!!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH and DO NOT WAIT until the last minute to find out what your pet needs to travel. It may delay your travel and cost you additional money in cancellation fees! THERE IS NO WAY TO SPEED UP THIS PROCESS without contacting the government agency of the destination country, and granting your request would be at their discretion. Don’t put your travel plans at risk! We DO NOT process these kinds of exceptions!

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