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Bridge of Hearts

Bridge of Hearts' mission is (from their website): At Bridge of Hearts, we believe that every child deserves to have an unforgettable birthday celebration, no matter their circumstances. We are a youth charity organization that is dedicated to brightening the lives of children who may be facing difficult life situations. Our mission is to provide birthday experiences that create memorable moments for children and teens as they celebrate their birthdays. We work to spread love and joy to children across the nation, and we are committed to making a difference in every community we serve.

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Birthdays are such fun and important days to celebrate. As such, we felt this was a worthwhile charity to support during the first quarter of 2024. In January, we are collecting items to help Bridge of Hearts give the kids a true celebration besides gifts. We're collecting coordinating birthday plates and napkins, birthday candles, birthday-themed wrapping paper and bows. What would a birthday celebration be without a cake?  We are also collecting chocolate, yellow or confetti cake mixes and cans of chocolate or vanilla icing. If you enjoy shopping from home, you may choose from their WISHLIST and have it sent directly to Bridge of Hearts. In February, we will be donating books, as suggested by their AMAZON WISHLIST. You can purchase the books there, or use their chosen books and purchase them elsewhere and bring them to Animal Hospital of Statesville for us to deliver. We'll obtain a list of personal hygiene products to help you choose items for March that will go in the hygiene kits they provide for the children. 

Be aware, that this organization not only provides gifts and services for young children, but also for high school age, too, so please keep that in mind as you purchase party supplies and books. If you'd like to see more about Bridge of Hearts and see how you can help further, here a link to their WEBSITE to explore!

Our clients are the most generous anywhere, and we thank you all for helping us help children in Iredell County. To those of you who participate in whatever capacity, thank you VERY much!  If everyone just got even ONE item, we could likely show our love for every child in need in Iredell County.

Food for Days

In years past, before COVID-19 became the "norm", we were collecting items for Food for Days, which provides food in backpacks for local kids who may not get a meal on the weekends. Can you imagine? Each month, Food for Days collects a different item. While some of these may not seem as nutritious as you might want, these are items that kids will actually EAT, filling their bellies when they may not get anything else. They are easy-to-make food items that are appropriate for kids to make themselves.

As you can see, each month has a specific food item that we are collecting. These items may be purchased and placed in the basket in our lobby – it's on the top of the shelves where the cat food is kept. You'll see a sign, or just ask! Each month, we'll remind everyone which item we are collecting on FB, but this list will remain on our website as a reference for you.

Please help us feed local kids. As you may know, Animal Hospital of Statesville is very involved in community projects throughout the year. And while COVID stole some of our luster, we are back at it with a vengeance! If you have items to donate but don’t want to enter the hospital due to COVID fears, just call us upon arrival, and we’ll come to your car and bring them in for you!

As always, thank you for your generosity. We know we ask much of you, but no more than we ask of ourselves. We try to help those that can't help themselves. In this instance, and in the instance of our Quarters for Laundry drive, the kids are the ones who benefit. Let’s make 2022 a better year for our community’s kids of all ages!

For more information visit:

Quarters for Laundry

One of the needs that Tonya Reid, who is the District Homeless Liaison for the Iredell-Statesville Schools, has made us aware of is the need for local homeless students to have clean clothes to wear to school. To that end, we are collecting quarters for Tonya and her “crew” of helpers to use to make sure those kids are sent to school with fresh, clean clothes. We have a big jar on the desk in the front lobby to donate your quarters to help her accomplish this important, but, dare we say, often overlooked issue that faces our community’s homeless students. We’ll be keep the jar up indefinitely, so gather up your quarters and stick them in our big plastic jar! Our staff is donating, as well as clients who come in, have a few quarters, and just pop them in the jar! They will add up quickly! In the video accompanying this write-up, two of Sarah’s daughters – Sarah is one of our Client Services Representatives – have robbed their piggy bank of their savings and generously donated their hard-won quarters - $20-worth, to be exact - to help out other kids in need! It’s a great lesson for kids to learn about charitable giving. It feels good to us, and it benefits others and makes them feel better, too!

Homeless Students in Iredell/Statesville Schools - How You Can Help

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