Veterinary School Externships

Notice: Our pre-veterinary school externships fill up very quickly! Please plan accordingly!

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We believe in the value of educating the future of our profession. For pre-veterinary or current veterinary students, AAHA accredited Animal Hospital of Statesville provides an externship experience with mentorship from six experienced veterinarians. This opportunity allows externs to gain hands-on experience with the daily operations, patient care, diagnostics and treatment protocols that occur daily in our small-animal veterinary practice. We have a busy and wide-ranging caseload as a general practice that is also open for daytime emergencies. Veterinary shadow students will use knowledge they’ve gained to answer questions posed to them about diagnostic testing, treatment options, and what medications, along with calculated doses, might be used to treat certain conditions. This externship allows pre-vet and veterinary students to shadow our veterinarians in the diverse aspects of veterinary medicine including thorough physical examinations, preventive care, advanced surgery and dentistry procedures, digital radiology (and digital dental radiography), echocardiology, endoscopy, theriogenology and in-house laboratory diagnostics. We strive to offer referral-quality care for our patients.

We have worked hard to provide a supportive, inclusive culture that will be a great place for you to learn and prepare for your career as a veterinarian! Extern students are expected to be engaged with our patients, clients and veterinary team and to uphold the professional and ethical standards of our practice. Externs must carry professional liability insurance, which is free to all students through AVMA PLIT. Schedules can be flexible to build ~40 hours/week, as we understand that having a good work/life balance is important.

An important part of our veterinary practice is summed up in our motto, “Where Pets are Family, Too”. Therefore, students will be immersed into our real-life veterinary world to not only learn how to compassionately care for the patient, but also how to bond with the client and show them we truly care. We feel that only when we consider both owner and pet together do we provide the superior care pets deserve. A progressive veterinary hospital, Animal Hospital of Statesville has served the Statesville and surrounding area with compassionate, quality care for almost 50 years.

Animal Hospital of Statesville wants to be part of making our profession the best it can be to care for clients and their pets, who are our passion. Helping to develop the next generation of skilled, compassionate, devoted veterinary professionals will help ensure a great future for veterinary medicine.

If interested, please use the green button at the top of the page to apply!

"Hi, my name is Maria Castaneda and I am a full time student at North Carolina State University. I got the opportunity to be an intern at the Animal Hospital of Statesville this past summer. The veterinarians, vet techs, and staff are very welcoming and easy to work with. One of the things I really liked about being there is that the vets would take time to answer and explain any questions you had or concerns. Some of the things I experienced during my time there were two artificial inseminations done by Dr. Zuercher, spays and neuters, mass removal, yearly checkups, looking at bacteria under microscopes, echocardiogram, and much more. I really enjoyed my time there, my overall favorite thing has to be all the puppies that came in for their checkups." - Maria Castaneda