Pain Management

Animals, like humans, recover more quickly from illness or surgery when provided pain control. We believe strongly in protecting our patients from pain. All pets that are examined by the doctors at AHS are assessed for indications of pain. This would include routine exams, rechecks, emergencies and surgical cases.

We are aware that many syndromes can cause pain in pets. Pain can be minor in such cases as a bee sting or minor pyoderma. Pain may be moderate in such cases as a torn nail, gastritis, or acute moist dermatitis or severe such as with a pet presented after being hit by a car, pancreatitis or glaucoma.

The practice uses many different protocols to relieve pain. The medications chosen are individualized for each patient and take into consideration the pet’s age, breed, history, current medications, physical condition, anticipated level of pain as well as many other variables. Our main treatment measures include medications, both injectable and oral. They may be classified as:

  1. NSAIDs
  2. Narcotic Pain Relievers
  3. Non-narcotic Pain Reliever
  4. Central Nervous Effectors