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Career Opportunities

Our Animal Hospital of Statesville Team is considered a second family to our long-term staff members. We encourage all staff members to work to develop and enhance this family feel in our clinic. When we support each other, both personally and professionally, we find that we bond as a Team, making us more efficient. This, in turn, benefits our patients and our clients. This second-family relationship helps us celebrate our achievements and supports us through the tough times, whether as a Team or as individuals. When you come to work at Animal Hospital of Statesville, you are essentially adopted into our work family, and we want you to join in with us to compete our "mission" every day.

Our Team works to adhere to our Core Values. In short, they are:

  • Honor God
  • Spread Joy
  • Serve One Another
  • Be "Authentically Real"

Our Core Values are WHO WE ARE! If we honor God, we will work to make our actions and words reflect that concept. We Spread Joy to our clients, our patients and our Team members. Joy is heart. Joy is being cheerful. Joy is fun! This joy helps us deal with the day-to-day stresses of our life, whether professional or personal. Serve One Another means to help each other - anticipate their needs and be there for them. This applies to our clients, our furry patients and our team members. It will require going above and beyond to be helpful and to fill in when and where you may be needed. Good attendance is required! Your Team members depend on you. Your patients (or guests) depend on you. Be Authentically Real means to be yourself, but not in a way that excuses bad behavior or poor attitude. To be a good Team member, we accept each other and our individual qualities. We "use" those qualities to form a well-rounded Team and help you become YOUR best self and AHS family member. Our authenticity needs to come through in everything we do.,

If you feel these are values that you share - if you want to become part of our family and want to help pets in our hospital and boarding facility, their owners and your fellow AHS Team members, please send your resume to us at [email protected]. You can find the application for employment at the link below.

As a team member of the Animal Hospital of Statesville, you’ll use your skills at communication and working as a team in a variety of interesting and challenging ways.

Client Services Representatives — Our Client Services Representatives are our “front line”. In other words, they are the first introduction to our hospital, so it’s important for them to have or develop knowledge about our services and the products we recommend as well as recognizing and acknowledging our clients by name. Our CSRs go above and beyond to provide a good start to our client experience here at Animal Hospital of Statesville.
Click here for more information.

Registered Veterinary Technicians — As a Registered Veterinary Technician, you will be challenged to use your skills to educate our clients and perform a variety of testing and treatments, as ordered by the attending veterinarian. Showing love and compassion to our clients and their pets is paramount. You’ll also provide medical assistance to doctors in surgery, dentistry and more. We emphasize attention to detail and working together with the other technicians, and Veterinary Patient Care Team to provide the best care of our patients possible.
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Veterinary Patient Care Team — Our Veterinary Patient Care Team is a critical part of our practice. Consisting of unregistered technicians and veterinary assistants, they are the support system for our busy registered technicians. From cleaning to obtaining and running test samples and other nursing tasks, they have a variety of important responsibilities that are vital to a smoothly-run hospital.
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Guest Services Assistants — Guest Services Assistants care for our clients’ pets as though they were their own, providing love and attention while their owners are out of town. It’s often difficult work, but our kennel technicians devote themselves to keeping a clean, comfortable, safe environment for our canine and feline guests. They also provide grooming services – baths, basic trims, brush outs, etc. for our Spa guests.
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Full-Time Benefits We Offer at the Animal Hospital of Statesville:

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Full and part-time opportunities
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield medical & dental insurance contribution (full-time)
  • Simple 401(k) with employer match (after 2 years full- OR part-time employment)
  • Dental Insurance (AHS pays $10 of cost)
  • Pet Care benefits - tiered benefit according to years employed (taxable)
  • Continuing education assistance (full time)
  • Supplemental insurance options, including vision, long-term disability, cancer, accident (full time)
  • Paid short-term disability, life, accidental death and dismemberment insurance and dependent life insurance (full time)
  • Uniform allowance (full and part-time), Full-time: 100% paid after 5 FULL years of employment.
  • Six (6) paid holidays (full time)
  • Paid holiday (8 hours) for birthday after 5 full years of FULL TIME employment
  • Bonusly employee reward system
  • Paid time off (PTO)/sick time (does not accrue)
  • All medical-related insurance deducted pre-tax
  • We support work/life balance
  • Currently developing a tiered system for advancement

If you aren’t afraid of hard work, thrive on interesting challenges and working with a team of professionals who are passionate about their work, apply now!

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