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Preventive Health Care

As we all know, puppies and kittens need vaccines to protect them from common infectious diseases. Puppies and kittens receive some immunity from maternal antibodies. This can be passed in utero (while pregnant) or by nursing, via colostrum. These maternal antibodies start to decline over a period of time and the individual pet’s immune system will take over. We do not know the exact timing of the transition and that is why puppies and kittens need boosters. We generally recommend starting vaccines around 6 weeks of age and boosters every 2 weeks until the pet is 12 weeks old. Then, we give one final booster at 16 weeks old. A pet must be at least 12 weeks old to receive a rabies vaccine. It does not matter “how many shots” a puppy has, what matters is the “age” when the vaccines are given due to the maternal antibodies.

Preventive health care is a vital part of being a “pet parent”. Through examination, stool checks and appropriate vaccines, we can keep not only our pets healthy but protect ourselves as well. There are some parasites and diseases that are “zoonotic”, meaning contagious to people and animals. We are happy to discuss all of this with you and find a personalized plan for your pet.

- Dr. Nichola Gaither

Preventive Health Care Plans

We know that pets are family, and because their lives are precious, we realize that only the best in care will do. The Animal Hospital of Statesville feels that preventive care has been shown to improve not only life quality but longevity as well. Veterinary authorities recommend twice-yearly exams for all pets. In order to make all healthcare recommendations available to as many pet owners as possible, we offer Preventive Health Care Plans.


  • Low monthly payments with significant savings over regular pricing
  • Two Wellness/Preventive Health Care visits per year for Adult and Senior pets. Puppy and Kitten Plans include entire recommended series of exams and vaccinations for 1 year.
  • Includes heartworm prevention, flea, tick and internal parasite control

Products currently covered in Preventive Health Care Plans include:

  • Sentinel Spectrum, Proheart Injectible (6- or 12-month) in combination with Simparica OR Bravecto
  • Simparica Trio (NOT in combination with Simparica or Bravecto)
  • Advantage Multi (NOT in combination with Simparica or Bravecto).
  • Product selection is subject to change as new, improved options are developed.
  • All core immunizations, individualized for your pet according to AAHA Vaccine Guidelines
  • Two deluxe spa days (for adult and senior pets only), including nail trim, ear cleaning, shampoo and brush out All dogs utilizing the Spa days are required to have a current Bivalent Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) vaccine. Dogs that have already received a bivalent Canine Influenza vaccine are required to have annual boosters. Dogs not already vaccinated will require a series of Canine CIV vaccines, completed at least 2 weeks prior to their scheduled Spa appointment. Series requires 2 vaccines, 2-6 weeks apart, and a 2-week post-series waiting time in order for the CIV series to be completely effective. For more information on CIV, follow link: Canine Influenza Virus
  • In-house blood screen (or send out, at doctor's discretion)
  • Multi-pet discounts on Health Care Plans

Preventive Health Care Plan pricing is based on a monthly fee, with a discount off the regular price of services. A $25.00 enrollment fee, per pet, will be processed at sign-up. Payment plans are available to help you manage pet care expenses while providing optimal care for your pet.

By joining the Animal Hospital of Statesville’s Preventive Health Care Plan, you will be ensuring that your pet or pets will be immunized against diseases prevalent in our area, according to their lifestyle risk factors. These will be discussed with you by our medical team to determine how best to keep your pets and family protected.

Membership Values

Download our Preventive Health Care Plans Brochure (PDF)

As a Preventive Health Care client your adult and/or senior pet will receive the recommended twice-yearly examinations, vaccinations, internal and external parasite tests (heartworm and intestinal parasites) and monthly heartworm, flea and tick control. In addition, your pet will receive a blood chemistry panel with a CBC, (Complete Blood Count) to establish baselines and to help with early detection of disease. Just as with humans, these tests are important for continued good health.

Puppies and kittens will receive the full series of examinations, vaccinations, intestinal parasite screenings and dewormings. They, too, will receive a year's worth of heartworm, flea and tick prevention. Added benefits for puppies and kittens include their surgical spay or neuter with pre-operative blood screening and EKG. The use of the surgical laser during their spay or neuter helps decrease bleeding and pain associated with surgery. They will also receive additional pain medication, as well as K-laser therapy to encourage faster healing. A microchip ID with registration will provide your pet with a permanent form of ID.

You can see we tried to think of everything when we developed these plans! We want to make it as easy and convenient as possible to help you provide the best, most complete wellness care for your pet AND make it easier to budget.

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