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Marketing and Communications Director

Kyle was born in Dallas, TX, but grew up in Upper St. Clair, PA where she graduated from high school. She attended college at Maryville College in Maryville, TN, majoring in Sign Language Interpreting, but later transferred to the University of Tennessee, where she majored in Deaf Education. Kyle has 2 sons, Mark and Dan, and 3 stepsons, Jodie, Derek and Shane. Kyle and husband Roger have a total of 8 grandchildren! They live very happily in the countryside near Albemarle, NC. Kyle and Roger have lots of cats – too many to name (but they all HAVE names!). She is teased about being the Crazy Cat Lady at work. Kyle and Roger have 5 inside cats and 6 outdoor cats. Their white German Shepherd, Kenna, has some big paws to fill, but will eventually go just about everywhere Kyle goes, including fishing, camping and photographing. 

Photography is just one of her passions, and she is on the TEAM for annual Grandfather Mountain camera events. Kyle is a volunteer for Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina which cleans up and provides quarterly trail and waterfall maintenance reports for "her" waterfall, Rufus Morgan Falls. She loves to play the piano, quilt, kayak, knit and hike, as well. Kyle ran AHS’s Northside office from 1996 until 2001 when that office was closed and she came to the main hospital to work as a Veterinary Nurse. She has since added the duties of Social Media Director, Photographer and Videographer – duties she also enjoys! Kyle loves AHS – She says the people she works with are great – they have become like family to her. She feels the practice works really hard to provide the best of care to the pets AND clients we serve. Always a dog lover, Kyle has more recently become an avid cat fan (out of necessity), as well. She says she can’t imagine her life without some kind of dog or cat in it.

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