Registered Veterinary Technician

Diane wins the longevity award in our Veterinary Technician “department”. She is only second to Laura in clinic longevity! Diane has worked as a Registered Veterinary Technician at AHS since 1986. Originally from Ohio, she grew up in North Carolina. After attending Alexander Central High School, she went on to graduate with honors from Central Carolina Technical College. She holds an Assiciate’s Degree in Veterinary Science. Diane was a member of the Alpha Tehta Tau Honor Society. She’s renowned as our “Parasite Queen” and is an excellent cytology “reader”. Diane, as have several others at AHS, has devoted a huge part of her life to making AHS the success it is today. She loves to teach others, and has been an integral part in training new technicians as they come along.

It’s hard to keep Diane focused on beautiful days, as she is daydreaming about riding her horse on the land surrounding her home in the Hiddenite area. She spends lots of time outdoors, riding horses, walking with her dogs and enjoying the sunshine. An accomplished vocalist, Diane still enjoys her weekly voice lessons and directs her church choir. She has also become very involved in the lay program at her church. She loves Broadway musicals and anything Disney. Cross stitching and reading take up what little spare time she has. Diane came to AHS for her college externship and claims “they kept me!” Her daughter, Jessica, was inspired by her mother to go to college for Veterinary Technology. Diane says she knows it sounds like a pat answer to why she works here at AHS, but she does “what (she) does for the love of animals”! Diane says she has “too many” pets – 2 dogs (Stella and Ripley), and 2 horses – Chief and Ginger.