Veterinary Patient Care Team /Facility Maintenance

Dena was born and raised in Punta Gorda, FL. She graduated from Charlotte High School and attended Edison State Community College, where she earned her Associate of Arts in Psychology. She came to work at Animal Hospital of Statesville in 2009 as a Veterinary Patient Team member after having prior experience in the field in Florida. Dena has 3 dogs ( Astlyr, Ragnar, Bjorn and Ivar (Rottweilers) 1 quarterhorse (Shaker) a Tennessee Walker (Sam) and Atticus Tennessee racking horse. Obviously, one of our horse lovers here at Animal Hospital of Statesville, she loves to spend time trail riding with her horses. She also loves to hike.

Hot weather suits her, and she’s outdoors a lot, especially in the summer when a lot of us stay inside with the A/C! Dena is an excellent dog handler, and her specialty is Rottweilers! She likes working at Animal Hospital of Statesville, feeling that she’s helping to make a difference in animals’ lives. A fix-it kind of girl, Dena will tackle anything that doesn’t work and get it going again! She’s proved invaluable to us in that department, and it earned her the gift of a pink tool belt (even though pink isn’t really her color!) She can figure out just about anything mechanical! She is in charge of AHS's facility maintenance. She also has a penchant for pranks, which she performs on a regular basis...guard your keys, folks...