Fear Free Certified, CVOA

Veterinary Patient Care Team

Jessica was born in Statesville and has grown up in Hiddenite, NC. She's the daughter of RVT Diane, and is following in her footsteps to become an RVT herself!  She was an extern at our hospital as part of her college requirements and subsequently applied to be part of our VPC team at Animal Hospital of Statesville. She is a CVOA (Certified Veterinary Office Assistant). This enables her to learn while she's attending college to get her degree in Veterinary Technology - the first step to becoming a registered technician. She graduated from Alexander Central High School and then attended Lenoir Rhyne University as a Music Performance major. (This chick has a VOICE!) She changed course and is now going through the Penn Foster College online course for Veterinary Technology. She is preparing for major changes in her life, with big goals of graduating, testing for and earning her RVT certification AND getting married to long-time boyfriend/fiancé, Corey. Jessica shares 8 pets with her mom, Diane, and maybe some with Corey (I'm not sure!) - 5 cats, 2 dogs and 1 horse. As you can imagine, Jessica (and future husband, Corey) are "into" community theatre. She also likes video games, board games, music (of course) and collecting cats! REAL cats! Because of her mom and her current employment, Jessica has been with us for 20-some years - Diane gave birth to Jessica while she was with AHS in the early days!  As mentioned previously, Jessica is already a CVT and she is certified in veterinary CPR!