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Veterinary Patient Care

Vicki's another Statesville gal! She graduated from West Iredell High School and majored in Business/Financial Management at Mitchell Community College. As with most of us, she "came" with pets! She has Zara (a Chihuahua) and Sam (a Belgian Malinois), so she is well protected at home! She started her critter career fostering for the Humane Society which spurred her passion for helping animals. She also volunteered for AHA with a seizure of 400 animals in Lincoln County, which is how she came to have her Chihuahua, Zara. She had been waiting for the "right" time and the "right" position and finally, being hired by AHS, that "right" time happened and, well, here she is! She has been a quick learner and jumped right in during a stressful, busy time and proved herself to be a huge help to the technicians!

Vicki loves to do DIY projects, raise flowers, and try to teach her old dogs new tricks! Her mother is her best friend and she enjoys helping her out. Enjoying the pool with her boyfriend is another favorite pastime. She says she's here to better help and educate clients and their pets, and she's learning as much as she can to facilitate that goal!

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